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Hello readers. My name is Iosif Kiraly and I am a professional photographer. My favorite types of photography is landscapes and people, but I always try to switch it up and bring something new to the table. I love creativity and thought-provoking images, but I also realize that not all photographs have to be deep. In fact, a lot of my own photographs are created with simplicity in mind, to capture a relaxing mood for the audience.

I have been doing photography since I was 20 years of age. I only started professional photography when I turned 30. Word of advice to new photographers: keep going. Photography is not so much a lucrative business, but it is an incredibly fun hobby. However, with skill and patience there will be rewards. Just as I got an offer from a photography firm to shoot portraits, your opportunity will come as well.

I am now in my 40s but still love taking photos and editing them into fun images that I enjoy. This is my personal website but it will serve as a portfolio for some of my personal favorite photographs. I take maybe hundreds of photographs each week, but only a select few actually make it to the final stages of processing. This is a natural process for photographers such as myself. You capture as many quality graphs as you can and then do post-processing later on. will be some of my favorite photographs. I personally do not care about any sort of “theme” with my photos, only that I enjoy them. After all, photography is an art. And as an artist, you have to be the one that finds value in them before anything. That is my philosophy. I know plenty of photographers that take the same images over and over again because people expect it out of them; but they do not enjoy their work. The key to photography is, yes, consistency. But you also have to consistently enjoy it. I enjoy my work because it is something I personally love. I do not cater to other people’s desires in my work, unless of course I am doing so professionally, in which I get paid to do so anyway. But is a hobby photography destination, and I will treat is as such.

You will also find a few photography tech-related content in some of my posts. Most of them will just be single photographs, but I may write a blurb on them here and there. Any link, word, or image posted on my website are placed there intentionally. My intent is to help photographers see the joy in photography while also providing useful resources to continue delving in this amazing technology.

Thank you for reading this far! If you have any questions, I am mostly an open book. I am a busy man, so if I don’t see your message right away, please be patient.